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Using the Betti Pot Neti with Salt Water

Why does swimming in the ocean help my sinuses?

Seawater can be incredibly beneficial in promoting healthy nasal passages. Swimming in seawater has the pleasant side effect of flushing your nose with water, thus thinning the mucus and helping it to drain. This will also flush dust and allergens out of your nose.

But seawater has the added benefit of working to remove bacteria from your nose. This is because of the high levels of salt in the water—in every cubic foot of seawater, there are about 2.2 pounds of salt. When you go swimming in the ocean, you are not only flushing out your nasal passages with water, you are also disinfecting your nose with salt, effectively killing any bacteria lurking in the nasal passages. If the nose is inflamed, the removal of bacterial will cause swelling to subside, giving you more room to breathe.

For those of us who cannot run down to the ocean each morning for a swim, a saline rinse can have the same effect. Daily use of a Betti pot allows salt water to flow through the sinuses and offers a natural alternative to antibiotics and expensive nasal sprays.