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The Betti Pot Neti for an active lifestyle

"I’ve had allergies for years and about four years ago, I discovered the Betti Pot for Neti cleaning. The Neti Betti Pot has literally changed by life. Instead of having to go on antibiotics and to take care of a sinus infection, I’m able to naturally take care of it with the Betti Pot. I love it.

I’ve got buddies that I ride dirt bikes with and we follow each other around and end up throwing a lot of dust up in the air; have a lot of dust up in my sinuses and so forth. I use the Betti Pot Neti. It’s the first thing I reach for when I get home after I’ve been out riding my dirt bike.

This product is made in America and that’s really important for me and my family. I’m a father of two children and I really encourage my kids to use the Neti Betti Pot also. It’s made out of porcelain; it’s got a food grade glaze on the inside so it’s not hazardous for your body.

For Neti, the Betti Pot works better than any other devices that I’ve used in the past. It just seems that because it is designed for Neti, the flow matches what works to clear your sinus passages.

At first the thought of using the Neti Betti Pot was just out of the question; there was no way I’d pour water up my nose. However, after trying it, if you do it right, follow the directions, use warm water with a little bit of salt, not too much, it’s really mild and you don’t even notice the water going through your sinuses. So don’t let that scare you off using the BettiPot, you’re going to love it, I highly recommend it.

I believe in trying to avoid using medications as much as possible and if there is anything natural we can use to avoid taking medication for the same type of problem, I’m all for it and the Betti Pot Neti does that. It’s time for us to start investing in our health, this is proactive health care, its like brushing your teeth.

I can’t tell you how good the Betti Pot makes me feel."