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Sinus Infections and Headaches

When mucous builds up in your sinuses, it can cause blockages that lead to infection. Mucous blockages put pressure on your sinus cavities, leading to intensely painful sinus headaches that start in the morning and can last all day. The headaches are characterized by heaviness in the forehead, a sense of weight on the eyes, and an ache in the upper jaw and teeth. 

Because the throbbing pain of sinus headaches can mimic migraine headaches, sinus headaches are often mistakenly diagnosed as migraines and vice versa. The key distinction between sinus headaches and migraines is that sinus headaches originate in the nasal cavities due to mucous buildup, while migraines are caused by changes in blood flow within the brain. 

If your headaches turn out to be sinus-related, the treatment may be easier than you think. Although many people use steroids or antibiotics to combat the problem, simple, inexpensive remedies may be just as effective as prescription drugs.

First of all, take care of your sinuses by drinking plenty of water every day to keep fluids moving through your body. If you have sinus pain, lay a warm washcloth across your nose and eyes several times a day to loosen the congestion.

Then, flush out the mucous with a Betti Pot neti or syringe. The saline solution recommended for use with the Betti Pot will not only flush out the mucous, it will also kill any bacteria it comes in contact with. With regular use, you’ll soon be breathing easier and your sinus headaches should begin to diminish and eventually disappear.