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Pregnancy & Decongestion

Pregnancy can be a stressor on the nose.  The high levels of estrogen and progesterone that are produced in a pregnant woman’s body cause the lining of the nasal cavity to swell.  Normally, swelling inside the nose is caused by irritants; your nose tries to get rid of these irritants by producing extra mucous.

During pregnancy, the treatment options for allergy- or cold-related congestion are limited, however, as pregnant women can only take some medicines safely.  Although many cold and allergy medications may be considered safe during pregnancy, Dr. Roger Harms of cautions that it’s best to avoid medicine when possible.

In trying to avoid medicine, many pregnant women discover the benefits of natural remedies. Breathing steam from a bowl of hot water, for example, helps to loosen the mucous so that it is easy to blow out. Using a Betti Pot neti for nasal irrigation is another great natural treatment; by pouring a warm saline solution through your nasal passages, you can flush mucous, bacteria, and allergens out of your nose.  You’ll get relief without worrying about the effect of medicines on your unborn baby.