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Over-the-Counter Nasal Sprays vs. The Betti Pot

Steroid, prescription nasal sprays

Overuse of some nasal sprays or drops can also lead to congestion.

Nasal sprays are used to treat nasal decongestion, but they have side effiects. A betti pot is a good, side effect free alternative.

Do nasal sprays cause congestion?

Over-the-counter, antihistamine nasal sprays work by shrinking blood vessels in the lining of the nose. These sprays temporarily relieve nasal stuffiness, but if they're used for more than three days, they actually cause congestion to worsen.

Prescription steroid nasal sprays provide more desirable results than antihistamine sprays, but steroids can cause side effects such as dryness, headaches, sneezing or nosebleed. Medical studies indicate other more troubling side effects may result from long-term steroid use, including glaucoma or growth problems in children.

An effective treatment that's totally free from side effects is a saline sinus rinse, such as the betti pot neti. Doctors are increasingly suggesting the neti pot type of treatment to their patients who suffer from chronic sinus problems and nasal congestion. The betti pot can be used safely in conjunction with prescription nasal sprays. Used alone, the neti betti pot provides natural, chemical-free relief from sinus congestion.