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Neti Reviews

How has Betti Pot helped you achieve Neti-health?


Mary's Success Story

Hi Isabella,

My husband and I vacationed in Massanutten Resort in March 2009. You hosted a couple of resort yoga classes and then had to leave. We loved your very accessible Yoga... and better yet, an introduction to the Betti Pot. I bought one at the first class and immediately started using it. You see I have been suffering from severe allergies for the past 6 years and getting progressively worse. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to find out just what I was allergic to with no letup. In fact I kept getting worse, even though I was trying all kinds of things, including changing my hot tub from regular to salt water, having my house checked for molds, acupuncture, massage, diet changes... When I started using the Betti Pot, I made a commitment to stick to it for 3 months faithfully. Well at first I was completely blocked. After using it 2X a day for a week, I got one to two drops out the opposite nostril. I was encouraged and kept at it 2X a day for 3 weeks. By then there was a drip, drip. Now I have an easy flow of salt water from one chamber to the other every time I use my Betti Pot. I have had NO allergies for 6 months now, using the Betti Pot daily. THANK YOU. I tell everyone I can about the $20.00 investment that changed my life. I really appreciate you introducing me to the Betti Pot. Keep up your marvelous work Isabella.


"Unless you knew Mary before she started using the Betti Pot you would not believe the improvement. We spent thousands trying to find a cure or solution for her allergies and were so delighted when the Betti Pot rinse was so successful. Thanks for introducing it to us.” -Art (Mary’s husband)

Neti Nasal Cleansing before you go to bed

"The Betti Pot neti pot is really important to use every day because it keeps you healthy. It makes you feel a lot better and keeps your sinuses very clear. At night, my sinuses were really really fogged up before I went to bed, so I just used it and it cleared everything out. Now I can sleep a lot better and it made breathing way easier. When I woke up in the morning I could use Betti Pot again and it would give me a fresh day. The Betti Pot neti is not hard to use, it’s really easy and it makes you feel a whole lot better.

I want to show you just how easy it is to use the Betti Pot for nasal cleaning. So I just put water in the pot and right now I’m going to show you how to use it.

And now I do the other side. It’s as simple as that. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you use Betti Pot."

The Betti Pot Neti for an active lifestyle

"I’ve had allergies for years and about four years ago, I discovered the Betti Pot for Neti cleaning. The Neti Betti Pot has literally changed by life. Instead of having to go on antibiotics and to take care of a sinus infection, I’m able to naturally take care of it with the Betti Pot. I love it.

I’ve got buddies that I ride dirt bikes with and we follow each other around and end up throwing a lot of dust up in the air; have a lot of dust up in my sinuses and so forth. I use the Betti Pot Neti. It’s the first thing I reach for when I get home after I’ve been out riding my dirt bike.

This product is made in America and that’s really important for me and my family. I’m a father of two children and I really encourage my kids to use the Neti Betti Pot also. It’s made out of porcelain; it’s got a food grade glaze on the inside so it’s not hazardous for your body.

For Neti, the Betti Pot works better than any other devices that I’ve used in the past. It just seems that because it is designed for Neti, the flow matches what works to clear your sinus passages.

At first the thought of using the Neti Betti Pot was just out of the question; there was no way I’d pour water up my nose. However, after trying it, if you do it right, follow the directions, use warm water with a little bit of salt, not too much, it’s really mild and you don’t even notice the water going through your sinuses. So don’t let that scare you off using the BettiPot, you’re going to love it, I highly recommend it.

I believe in trying to avoid using medications as much as possible and if there is anything natural we can use to avoid taking medication for the same type of problem, I’m all for it and the Betti Pot Neti does that. It’s time for us to start investing in our health, this is proactive health care, its like brushing your teeth.

I can’t tell you how good the Betti Pot makes me feel."

Applying the Neti Betti Pot, even a child can use it

"Hi, my name’s Adin. I’m going to show you how I use my Betti Pot every day."

Steve Fitzgerald, 49yo.

I started using the Betti Pot after having a deviated septum repair. My daughter, a nurse, introduced it to me and her claims were true. The dried blood clots came right out and I was able to breath easier and my doctor told me I was healing faster than most. That surgery was over 3 months ago and I'm still using my Betti Pot every day. I feel like my sinus's are so clean and I can breath so easily.

Scotty Gibbs, 38yo.

My wife talked me into doing the Betti Pot because I have some difficulty breathing and both seasonal and animal allergies. As a Veterinarian, I am unable to get away from pet allergens but with the Betti Pot I can rid my sinus pathway of them. I keep my Betti Pot in the shower and clean my sinuses every morning. I feel that the Betti Pot should be a part of everyone's morning routine. I breath easier, sleep more soundly, and have less difficulty with my allergies. Thank you Betti.

Kelly Gibbs, 38yo.

After years of suffering from allergies, I decided to take the advice of a dear friend and do the Betti Pot. I have been doing it every day, like brushing my teeth, for the past year and LOVE the way it makes me feel. I am healthier, I can breath easier, and my allergies can be controlled all with something as simple and easy to use as the Betti Pot. I encourage all my friends and my yoga students to use the Betti Pot to clean their sinuses. I take my health seriously and with the use of the Betti Pot, I am taking control of health and well being.