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Mary's Success Story

Hi Isabella,

My husband and I vacationed in Massanutten Resort in March 2009. You hosted a couple of resort yoga classes and then had to leave. We loved your very accessible Yoga... and better yet, an introduction to the Betti Pot. I bought one at the first class and immediately started using it. You see I have been suffering from severe allergies for the past 6 years and getting progressively worse. We have spent literally thousands of dollars trying to find out just what I was allergic to with no letup. In fact I kept getting worse, even though I was trying all kinds of things, including changing my hot tub from regular to salt water, having my house checked for molds, acupuncture, massage, diet changes... When I started using the Betti Pot, I made a commitment to stick to it for 3 months faithfully. Well at first I was completely blocked. After using it 2X a day for a week, I got one to two drops out the opposite nostril. I was encouraged and kept at it 2X a day for 3 weeks. By then there was a drip, drip. Now I have an easy flow of salt water from one chamber to the other every time I use my Betti Pot. I have had NO allergies for 6 months now, using the Betti Pot daily. THANK YOU. I tell everyone I can about the $20.00 investment that changed my life. I really appreciate you introducing me to the Betti Pot. Keep up your marvelous work Isabella.


"Unless you knew Mary before she started using the Betti Pot you would not believe the improvement. We spent thousands trying to find a cure or solution for her allergies and were so delighted when the Betti Pot rinse was so successful. Thanks for introducing it to us.” -Art (Mary’s husband)