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How To

1. Fill empty Betti Pot with one-quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt. The Betti Neti Nasal Pot is Green
2. Fill Betti Pot with lukewarm water. Test water temperature on wrist.
3. Place spout in one nostril of your nose to form a seal and tilt head slightly in opposite direction while pouring water solution into the nose and breathing through the mouth.
4. Pour approximately half of the water solution into first nostril and then switch nostrils and pour remaining solution in second nostril.
5. Clear salt water solution from sinuses by gently blowing nose after use.


Enhance the feeling with Betti Breathe!

Use Betti Breathe for a wellness experience that refreshes, opens up the breathing passages, and also fights bacteria and virus in the sinus.

Aromatherapists recommend:

  • First put 1/4 teaspoon salt in the bottom of your Betti Pot.
  • Next release 1-2 drops of Betti Breathe oil on the salt and let the salt absorb oil.
  • Then fill with amount of warm water you want to use (you can fill pot 1/3 of the way to all the way up-the less water, the more concentrated the mixture will be).
  • Mix, gently pour through sinus, and enjoy!