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1) Why not nasal sprays or just steam?

- The same reason you wouldn't just spray or use steam to clean any part of your body that collects germs...those areas need the water flowing gently to really wash away those bugs!

We also need to be careful about using products that are plastic or that have preservatives - just good old fashioned sea salt and lukewarm water!!

2) What if some of the water trickles down my throat?

- Relax! You might be leaning back to far. Try leaning forward a little bit and then tilting your head in the opposite direction of the Betti Pot neti to allow the water to go thru.

3) What if the solution burns a little going into my nose?

- Not a problem. Your self-made saline solution may contain too much sea salt or the water temperature may be too warm. Dump the solution out and try again.

4) How long should it take the water to come out the other side of my nostril?

- It depends. If you are congested, it may take a few minutes - just be patient. Otherwise, the solution should flow freely from the opposite nostril in just a few seconds.

5) Do I need to use the whole amount of water?

- Absolutely not. You know that it's time to switch sides when a clean, steady stream of water flows freely from your nostril. Some people use Betti Pot in each nostril, others use half, and still others use less. Do what is comfortable for you.

6) Why do I need to use Sea Salt?

- Sea salt is the most natural form of salt available, it contains 21 essential and 30 accessory minerals that are essential to our health. We recommend our Betti Cleanse sea salt because we know that this salt is pure- unadulterated with hardeners or additives which can irritate your sinus.

7) Can I use Betti Pot too much?

- Many people report using Betti Pot every morning and every evening for better breathing. You will find a routine that works well for you...Don't wait until you are congested to use Betti Pot - consider using it to rinse away virus, pollen, and other irritants and pollutants before you get sick!

8) Why is Betti Pot better to use than other neti pots on the market?

- Betti Pot™ is the better neti because it has a unique design that provides just the right amount of warm water to flow into the sinus in a gentle, effective stream. It utilizes optimal gravity assistance so that the sinus cleaning process is easier, safer for the sinus and more effective. Betti Pot’s design is also aesthetically pleasing and comes in a variety of beautiful colors to complement any room, or mood. Not to mention Betti Pot is 100% green and made in the U.S.A. of safe, non toxic materials. The Betti Pot neti is even dishwasher and microwave safe!