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Betti Pot Facts

1) You will feel better.

Being able to take a nourishing breath through the nose will help you feel more energized immediately. Isn't it a terrible feeling to not be able to breath freely? Oxygen is essential for life and we need to breathe well for many health reasons, including better brain functionality and reduced stress!

"I used to have to think about breathing every morning, trying to breathe through my nose... now I can breathe freely because I use my Betti Pot... you shouldn't have to think abut trying to breathe!"- Beth Jeffries, age 50

2) You will breathe more freely.

Reducing congestion in the nasal passages opens the breathing pathways, allowing effortless breathing...a regular habit of sinus cleaning may result in unobstructed nasal breathing and reduced snoring!

"Using the Betti Pot has changed my life - I breathe better all day long and my wife says my snoring has stopped at night! Happy wife...happy life!" - Steve Fitzgerald, age 56

3) You will experience reduced swelling around your eyes.

Yes, ladies, this might be your favorite beauty aid! Isabella says it is her's! The best way to reduce the puffy and swollen "bags" around the eyes is to calm the inflammation under the skin in the sinus. How can a lotion or potion shrink a balloon under the skin? Get to the source of the problem by using a calming sea salt "Betti" sinus rinse to soothe the swelling, "open up" and brighten the eye area. 

"The first thing I do every morning is rinse my sinus with my Betti Pot. I feel immediate relief in the tight feeling around my eyes-my eyes always look better and brighter after I use my Betti Pot and my eye 'bags' shrink." - Kelly Gibbs, age 40

4) You will experience reduced symptoms associated with allergies, colds, asthma, and sinus infections.

Millions of people experiencing relief from symptoms of allergies, colds, asthma and chronic sinus infections from sinus cleaning use one phrase:"life altering". Can a little porcelain pot and sea salt water provide such relief? Yes!

"I have been suffering from severe allergies for the past 6 years and getting progressively worse, despite all sorts of medicines and surgeries. I have had NO allergies for 6 months now, using the Betti Pot daily. THANK YOU. I tell everyone I can about the $23.00 investment that changed my life. I really appreciate you introducing me to the Betti Pot. Keep up your marvelous work Isabella." -Mary B., age 57

5) You may reduce your likelihood of getting sick.

Read the following article on proactive health solutions to getting sick: Health Educator Isabella Jones Urges Americans to Practice Daily Sinus Cleansing To Help Prevent Colds & The Flu

6) You may be able to reduce or eliminate your need to use cold medications, allergy medications, and anitbiotics.

Today's expensive antibiotics and over-the-counter medications are getting scrutiny from the medical community, and doctors are warning us to reduce our overuse of them because of the serious side effects. The Betti Pot sinus cleansing system is a natural and safe alternative to expensive meds and has been a money-saving and life-altering solution for many families. 

"I had been suffering from severe sinus infections for years. I endured expensive and prolonged antibiotic treatments, allergy medications which made me feel lousy, along with the costly doctor visits. None of this medical treatment stopped or prevented my recurring infections and I resigned myself to living with this as a life-long problem. Then I found the Betti Pot. My infections stopped immediately and permanently. I have not had a sinus infection for 5 years now since using the Betti Pot. This has changed my life forever!" - Kurt Wenzel, age 45





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