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Betti Pot Carried at Whole Foods Grocery Stores


A local health and wellness company that markets services and products internationally has grabbed the attention of Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market has begun rolling out distribution of Betti Pot neti, a sinus cleaning device. Betti Pot is owned and operated by Massanutten resident Isabella Jones.

The Betti Pot neti is made from 100% sustainable, nontoxic materials, and contains no plastics. Jones is able to maintain tight control over quality, because “Betti Pot is manufactured here in the USA,” she said. Packaging for the product is made from post-consumer recycled paper by Carded Graphics in Staunton.

Jones said the Betti Pot neti “promotes good health for everyone in the family by cleaning viruses, bacteria and allergens out of the sinuses.” She said that regular use of the Betti Pot neti reduces the symptoms of colds, allergies and sinus infections, and can help open up the nasal passages naturally without using antibiotics or other medications.

A mother of four, Jones developed the Betti Pot neti as a solution for her elderly mother and her young children, who had difficulty using a standard neti device. The Betti Pot neti is made of 100% high-fired porcelain using quality-controlled, food-grade glazes in a variety of colors. “It’s dishwasher-safe and it’s pretty enough to leave out on the bathroom counter,” Jones said. “That way, you remember to use it every day.”



For more information, contact:
Isabella Jones.